Bridgend County Council Home-to-School Routes Operated by Cresta Coaches

Day Trips

Discover the beauty and charm of nearby destinations with Cresta Coaches’ delightful day trips. Designed to make the most of your precious time, our day trips offer a perfect escape from the routine, without the need for extensive planning. Whether you’re craving a dose of nature, historical wonders, or cultural experiences, our expertly crafted itineraries cover a diverse range of destinations to suit every interest.

Our modern coaches provide a comfortable and convenient mode of travel, allowing you to sit back and relax while our experienced drivers navigate the way. From morning to evening, you’ll have ample time to explore, indulge, and create cherished memories with friends and family. With Cresta Coaches, you can embrace the joy of discovery without the stress of logistics, making your day trip an unforgettable adventure to remember.

All day trips operated in conjunction with our partner company, Leisuretime by Toureasy.

New Dates to Follow

Here’s a link to our standard terms and conditions of hire, please note that certain sections that apply to your specified trip are highlighted for your attention below .

Special Conditions associated with Air, Ferry & Train Connections

Departures & Collections

Departures. The Company will if asked give an estimated journey time to your departure Air/Ferry port etc. Clients should always build in a provision for unforeseen circumstances and in particular always allow extra time when travelling to the major UK Airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Manchester Etc. Most of Britons Ferry & Airports are accessed via some of the countries busiest Motorway networks and we are finding that delays are becoming much more frequent. Particular attention should also be paid to check-in time given by airlines. Especially those airline companies that operate a shorter check-in time such as 1-2 hours. Our drivers are legally required to take a rest period of at least 45 Minutes after completing 4 ½ hours driving. We do however recommend this be reduced to no more than 3 hours driving. These break period should be added to your proposed departure times.

Breakdowns and delays

The Company gives its advice on journey times in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey within a specific time period and will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown or other delays. The Company will not be held responsible for late arrivals or missed flights due to circumstances beyond its control.

Return Collections

The Company has access to most UK airports flight arrivals information and relies heavily on the live updates being provided by the major Airline Companies. It is therefore imperative that we are given your return flight details in full on final confirmation of your booking. Depending on which UK airport you are using you will be given a set of instructions to follow on what to do upon your return flight arrival.

Delayed Return Flights

Cresta Coaches will give allowance for return flight delays of up to 2 hours. Any additional delays in return flight collections are subject to an hourly charge of £25 per hour. These charges are in addition to the stated hire fees.

Airport Parking Charges

All airport parking fees paid by the Company are in addition to the vehicle hire costs stated unless confirmed to be inclusive.